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Exchanging Puzzles

is a great way to share puzzles with your neighbors for free and strengthen the ties of your community.

Diane B. recently made
"Hot Air Balloons" 500-piece puzzle
in Mankato, MN and rated it

Diane B. recently made
"The Conservatory" 1000-piece puzzle
in Eden Prairie, MN and rated it

Join a Puzzle Library

in your town now, or start a new one to provide safe fun and a sense of belonging in your neighborhood.

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Sharing Puzzles

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1. Select a Library

Find a library of puzzles near you to join, or create a new one to start.
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2. Contribute Puzzles

Gather up all those puzzles you already made and enter them in the library catalog.
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3. Check Out Puzzles

Choose puzzles someone else has shared and check them out.
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4. Exchange Puzzles

Drop off your puzzles and pick up the ones you want to make next.
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5. Check In Puzzles

When you finish a puzzle, check it back in for someone else to enjoy.
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6. Repeat

Back to Step 3 for another round of free puzzle making!

Find a Puzzle Library near you.
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PUZzle LIBrary in Eden Prairie, MN

PUZzle LIBrary in Mankato, MN

A Few Recent Shared Puzzles

Barbie Around The World
in Eden Prairie, MN
1000 pieces
27x20 inches
Homemade Jam
in Mankato, MN
350 pieces
19x11 inches
YouTheFan 2502106 18 x 24 in. NFL Minnes
in Eden Prairie, MN
500 pieces
24x18 inches
Mediterranean Romance
in Eden Prairie, MN
1000 pieces
30x24 inches

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